Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics

Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics
Founded in 2018
Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences
V.I.Romanovskiy Institute of Mathematics
Mathematical Society of Uzbekistan

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Papers published in 2019

1. Tukhtasinov M.T., Abduolimova G.M., Hayitqulov B.Kh. Boundary control of heat propagation in a bounded body (1-10)
2. Abdullayev A., Rozikov U.A. A review of mathematical methods in the social humanities (11-18)
3. Karimov E.T. Tricomi type boundary value problem with integral conjugation condition for a mixed type equation with Hilfer fractional operator (19-26)
4. Ruziev M.Kh. A problem with shifts on piece of boundary characteristic for Gellerstedt equation with singular coefficient in an unbounded domain (27-42)

1. Bekiev A.B. Solvability of a boundary problem for the fourth order mixed type equation (1-6)
2. Mamanazarov A.O. A problem with shifts for a parabolic-hyperbolic equation (7-16)
3. Rozikov U.A., Khakimov R.M. An extremality of the translation-invariant Gibbs measure for the HC-model on a Cayley tree (17-22)
4. Ergashev T.G. Holmgren's problem for multidimensional elliptic equations with one singular coefficient (23-32)
5. Jalilov M.A. The Samarskii-Ionkin type problem for the fourth order mixed type equation with fractional differential operator (33-42)

1. Murzambetova M.B. A boundary value problem for the fourth order partial differential equation with the lowest term (1-9)
2. Kholikov D.K. On a mixed problem with integral condition for the loaded pseudoparabolic equation of the third order (10-19)
3. Irgashev B.Yu. The Dirichlet-Neumann type problem for the higher order Lavrentiev-Bitsadze equation (20-30)
4. Parovik R.I. The harmonic balance method for the study of forced oscillations of fractional Duffing oscillator (31-36)
5. Sirojitdinov A.A. Some asymptotic estimates for the distributions of sums of independent random vectors (37-40)
6. Khashimov A.R. The problem for a non-stationary third-order equation of a composite type with a general boundary condition (41-47)

1. Kurbanbaev T.K. Infinite dimensional Leibniz algebras constructed by $sl_2$ Lie
algebras (1-8)
2. Karimov E.T., Toshtemirov B.H. Tricomi type problem with integral conjugation
condition for a mixed type equation with the hyper-bessel fractional differential
operator (9-14)
3. Artikov M., Mirsaburova U.M. Problem with insufficient Tricomi condition on
the boundary characteristic and condition like Frankl condition on the internal
characteristic for the mixed-type equation (15-35)
4. Zikirov O.S., Zhumagul G.O. On the Goursat-Dirichlet problem for the hyperbolic
equation of the third order (36-41)
5. Norjigitov A.F., Sharipov O.Sh. Law of large numbers for sequences of weakly
dependent random variables with values in D[0,1]  (42-45)
6. Okboev A.B. Problems with shift conditions for a second kind degenerated
hyperbolic equation (46-55)
7. A short outline on a scientific and pedagogic activity of K.K.Muminov (56-58)

1. Khomidova S.M., Nazarov H.A., Karimov U.Sh. Derivations of simple real C*-algebras  (1-3)
2. Abdullaev B.I., Sharipov R.A. Local and global 𝛼-polar sets (4-8)
3. Allakov I., Safarov A.Sh. On the exceptional set of the sum of a prime and fixed degree of a prime number from an arithmetic progression (9-21)
4. Juraev T.F. Dugundji spaces and absolute extensors of the categories Tych  (22-27)
5. Imanbaev N.S., Ospanov M.N. Distribution of eigenvalues of the third-order composite type equations with regular boundary value conditions (28-33)
6. Parovik R.I. The Cauchy Problem for the Airy Fractional Oscillator (34-39)
7. Sobirov Z.A., Rakhimov K.U. The Cauchy problem for the Airy equation with a fractional time derivative on the star-shaped graph (40-49)
8. Hasanov A., Ergashev T.G. Analytical continuation formulas for Lauricella hypergeometric functions in three variables  (50-58)
9. Sharakhmetov Sh. Properties of two-dimensional joint distributions of binomial random variables (59-68)

1. Baratov I. I.,  Dekhkonov F. N.,  Komilov N. M. On the inverse problem associated with heat-transfer process (1-6)
2. Akhmedov S.A., Ablazova K.S. Some control charts based on statistical hypotheses concerning correlations of two measurable signs (7-12)
3. Djalilov A.A., Abdukhakimov S.Kh. Periodic points of unstable Feygenbaum’s separatrice (13-16)
4. Juraev Sh.Yu. Branching processes of Galton-Watson born from fractional-linear producing function (17-22)
5. Irgashev B.Yu. The boundary value problem for a degenerate high-order equation with lower terms (23-30)
6. Kushmurodov A.A. Strong law of large numbers for m-dependent random variables with values in Banach space (31-34)
7. Mamurov B.J. Evolutionary equations for finite-dimensional homogeneous cubic stochastic processes (35-39)
8. Nishonova Sh.T. Nonlocal problems with first and second kind integral conditions for an elliptic-parabolic type equation (40-46)
9. Parovik R.I. Dynamic hysteresis of a fractional Duffing oscillator (47-51)
10. Khusanbaev Y.M., Kudratov Kh.E. Some inequalities for branching random processes with immigration (52-56)
11. Ruziev M.Kh. On a nonlocal boundary value problem for one class of equations of mixed type (57-61)
12. Fayazov K.S., Khudayberganov Y.K. Ill-posed boundary value problem for the system of equations in second-order partial derivatives with two degenerate lines (62-68)
13. Sharipov O.Sh., Ruzieva D.S. Central limit theorem for Hilbert space-valued random fields (69-72)
14. Hasanov A., Ruzhansky M. Euler-type integral representations for the hypergeometric functions in three variables of second order (73-223)
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